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Welcome to, where we deliver the highest quality horse bedding directly to you, by the pallet, in order to save you money. Each pallet consists of 36 bales and we deliver from 1-20 pallets. The larger the order, the greater the saving!

We specialise in the direct supply of Equisorb Flax Bedding and EcoBox Wood Shavings because through product trials and our customer’s experience these horse beddings have proved they are the best in their fields in terms of performance, ease of use and value for money.
We pride ourselves in providing:


The highest quality horse bedding

We specialise in delivering the very best equine bedding.


Value for money

We ensure the best prices on 1 or more pallets to save you money.


Speedy delivery

We deliver the finest bedding for horses in just 3 working days.


Horse bedding that is exceptionally easy to use

Easy to muck out. No dust. Fully weatherproofed pallets allows outside storage.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver you the best equine bedding at the best price, leaving you more time to enjoy your equestrian pursuits.

If there’s anything you want to know, please do not hesitate to give us a call on: 01476 585 973 and we will be glad to help.
Best Performance. Best Price.

Equisorb Flax Horse Bedding

Equisorb is a highly absorbent, natural, biodegrable, dust extracted and hygienic horse bedding. Very easy to use with exceptionally little wastage.


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Ecobox Wood Shavings

Specially designed for horses, EcoBox is a highly absorbent, small flake, white wood shaving bedding, which is highly dust extracted to produce a dry, healthy, warm and comfortable bed.


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Once you have used Equisorb for a while, you will see the huge advantages it has to offer. customers are delighted with the results…